Great Backyard Bird Count takes flight

This weekend marks the annual Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC), a four-day event that makes “citizen scientists” out of bird watchers and nature lovers across North America. The campaign is part of a broad effort to keep tabs on the continent’s bird populations, using volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to supplement more formal research.

Creating Gardens that Attract Birds and Butterflies

Create a beautiful bird and butterfly friendly garden sanctuary by learning about which plants and shrubs are most likely to entice them. The principles are simple. Flowers provide nectar and seeds, trees and shrubs provide nuts, berries, nesting sites and shelter. These flowers, shrubs and trees have the added benefit of providing interesting textures and bright colors to your landscape. With tips on choosing the right plants you’ll see how easy it is to have a yard that welcomes wildlife.

March 11, 2019
10:00 AM to 12 N
Creutzburg Center 200
Instructor: Andrea Hallmark
$45.00 Course Fee

Rare half-male, half-female cardinal spotted in Pennsylvania

JEFFREY AND SHIRLEY Caldwell have been attracting birds for 25 years with carefully tended backyard feeders. But the lifelong Erie, Pennsylvania, residents have never seen a creature so wondrous as the half-vermillion, half-taupe cardinal—its colors split right down the middle—that first showed up a few weeks ago in the dawn redwood tree 10 yards from their home.


This interactive experience is perfect for bird lovers of all ages! Participants can visit the zoo to count birds in order to help create a real-time snapshot of where birds are! The Great Backyard Bird Count takes place across the country, and helps avian researchers gather information to better protect wild birds for the future!

Friday, February 15th from 10:30am-12pm
Saturday, February 16th from 10:30am-12pm
Sunday, February 17th from 10:30am-12pm