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BIRDSPOTTER Photo Contest 2018-2019


  1. Every other Monday will have a BirdSpotter photo challenge, telling you what kind of photo we want to see.
  2. Upload your best pic and start voting! Each contest category runs from Monday through midnight the following Thursday.
  3. There will be two photo winners every other week: one photo that received the most votes and one “Judges’ Choice.” Winners are announced every other Friday and will be entered to win the Grand Prize! Subscribe to the FeederWatch blog and receive the stories behind all the BirdSpotter winners in your inbox.

October Big Day 2018 results!

On 6 October, more than 17,000 birders around the world went birding together for the first October Big Day. Reporting from 146 countries, teams tallied 6,136 species of birds: more than half of the world’s birds in a single day. eBirders added 21,149 pictures to their lists, photographing 2,356 species in these 24 hours. This sets new heights for a single day of October birding. Read more.