Newtown Square’s Great Backyard Bird Count Workshop

The Great Backyard Bird Count Workshop is a free workshop hosted on February 6 by the Newtown Township’s Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC). Bird watchers of all ages and skills can come to learn how to count birds and prepare for the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC).

The GBBC is a free, fun event from February 15 to 18 that aims to better understand and capture a snaposhot of bird populations around the world while engaging bird watchers in a common goal. Every bird watcher is asked to count birds for at least fifteen minutes during the four-day event and report their findings to

Philip Witmer will host the workshop at Newtown Township Building 1st Floor, 209 Bishop Hollow Road from 6-8pm. Whether you have years of experience or would like to try bird watching for the first time, everyone is invited to join.