Know Your Birds

Bird sightings can happen anywhere whether you’re looking out your kitchen window or traveling to far-away places. But can you actually tell one from another? Don’t despair, there are clues you can use to identify many species. Cover the art and science of bird identification when you discuss such field marks as overall size and shape, bill structure, basic/alternative plumage, sex differences, distinctive postures when feeding or resting and much more. Learn a process to identify birds that includes their behaviors, the time of day, the time of the year and the locations seen. Leave with the visual skills and auditory skills to enhance your enjoyment of the avian world around you.

Code: HC51100
Dates: November 9-16, 2018
Meets: 12 N to 2:00 PM
Location: Creutzburg Center 100
Instructor: Phil Witmer
$55.00 Course Fee
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Tyler Arboretum Tiny Trackers: Gifts from Trees

Thursday November 15
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

For Ages 4 – 6

Every day we use gifts from trees, often without even thinking about it! Go on a hike and adopt a tree which we can visit each season to see how it changes.

Tiny Trackers programs are for children and their favorite adult. Each program includes a lesson, nature exploration and a craft. Fee is for the child only.

11 magnificent migratory birds

About 40 percent of the world’s birds migrate in some fashion, whether it’s a short flight to a warmer locale or a long and arduous trek. Like other animals that undertake migrations, birds travel to find places with more resources or when breeding requires it. Plenty of variables play a role in how and when birds decide to migrate, including the climate and the availability of food and other resources. Above all, it’s a special balance for each species. As Cornell Lab of Ornithology explains, even hummingbirds can survive chilly temperatures provided there’s enough food to go around.

Reminder: October Big Day—6 October 2018

Every year for the last four years Global Big Day has set new heights for a single day of birding. This massively international collaborative birding event has been so great we want to have another worldwide eBird Big Day in October. Why October? Because spring is rejuvenating the southern hemisphere and the northern reaches of the world are in the midst of migration. No matter where you are, we’re confident you can find some great birds on 6 October. Let’s see what we can find together on the first October Big Day!

Beyond the Birdfeeder: What Birds Are Really Looking For in Your Yard

Class will begin with a walk to observe birds at Chanticleer and conclude with a presentation that reviews common birds of Pennsylvania, resource needs of these birds, migratory species and species of concern, and what to plant to attract specific birds. Participants will learn to identify key indicators that demonstrate whether a property is contributing to migratory and common bird populations and how they might improve their practices to do so.

Instructor: Steve Saffier, Audubon PA Program Manager, Bird Friendly Communities
Location: Chanticleer Gardens
786 Church Road, Wayne, PA, 19087
Date: Saturday October 20, 2018
Time: 8:00-10:00 AM
Price: $35 per class

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