About Us

Vision: Radnor is a place where people love to live, work and visit because the residents and officials actively support and recognize the value of birds and nature to their own quality of life and culture.

Mission: To create a sustainable driver for long term environmental stewardship across the township by creating awareness of the linkage of birds to the natural environment and engaging people in conversation.

What is Bird Town?

Bird Town is a working partnership between Audubon and municipalities in Pennsylvania to promote conservation and community-based actions to create a healthy, more sustainable environment for birds and people.

Radnor Bird Town creates a sustainable community by implementing sound bird and wildlife habitat, as well as energy and water conservation practices in our landscapes.

By reducing runoff, mowing regimes, chemical treatments, and solid waste, our municipality can save on expenditures over time.

If you would like more information about Radnor Birdtown, please feel free to email us at:


Steering Committee Members:

Laura Luker
John Fischer
Ted Morse
Diana Mizer
Dan Meier
Kathleen Pollack
Phil Witmer
Bonnie Witmer
Nina Selsor
Steve Saffier