Wall Of Birds Artist Jane Kim Creates An “Avian Pantone” [Book Excerpt]

This excerpt from the book Wall of Birds appears in theWinter 2019 issue of Living Bird magazine. Subscribe now.

No characteristic better embod­ies the majesty and diversity of birds than their ostentatious display of color. They flaunt a rainbow of hues in endless combinations to serve a variety of purposes. For New Guinea’s birds-of-paradise, color is an aphrodisiac. At first glance, the male Superb Bird-of-Paradise appears to be an unremarkably monochromatic crea­ture—until it meets a female. Then it transforms, spreading its neck feathers wide to display a cape the lusty shade of black velvet. Feathers on its crown and breast shield flash iridescent aquama­rine as the male performs its courtship dance, bouncing across a tree branch like a kernel of heating popcorn.

Wall of Birds Artist Jane Kim Creates an “Avian Pantone” [Book Excerpt]